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WPBNS is a multi-faceted company. It has many different services that have been expanding quickly in the past few years. Gary Gordon has been the company CEO since 1998.

  • Website Development and Training
  • Publishing
  • Backup Protection and Security Specialist
  • New Media
  • SEO and Internet Marketing Services

For more information, call us at 856-528-3246

 Website Design and Development

Get a Free Website!

We have a Free Website package. We will design and create your customized website at no cost to you.  (Our Client’s are also free to cancel their comprehensive and secure website hosting and maintenance program at anytime.)

Go here to find out what is included of what is included for FREE (plus what is included as part of the standard WPBNS maintenance package, for $250* per month)


We can advise you on creating your first e-book! Where and how do I put it up? How do I make money? Should I put it on more than just Amazon?

 Backup Protection and Security Specialist

Talk to us about securing your company’s website. Why be afraid of hackers?

 New Media

Let us handle your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media accounts that you may have or want to create.

 SEO and Internet Marketing Services

Getting your company’s website on page one of Google is very important for your sales and the higher up you are is also a concern for your sales. Google is constantly changing how this is done, so give us a call if you would like to discuss any ideas we might have for you.