At WPBNS, we provide Professional Website Development and Training (including full maintenance and support options), Podcasting | Backup Protection and Security Specialist, New Media | SEO and Internet Marketing Services.  For more information, call Gary M. Gordon at 856-528-3246 or fill out our simple online contact form for questions or assistance.

We Build Free Websites

Let us build you a free website.



We will build your website for FREE.

You can sit back, just answer a few questions, and we’ll do all the work. You won’t have to pay us anything to create your website. We simply require a standard maintenance package ($250 per month*) as well as a standard initial setup package. Learn more and save 50% on all services, including logos, premium plugins, add-on services, and more.

Beyond that, with our special discounts on many add-on services, you can enjoy tons of extraordinary and powerful options that will keep your website safe, running fast and flawlessly, allow you and your website to stand out from your competition and turn your website into a profit making machine.

* other options are available. A standard website set-up fee (including training) may be required. Contact us for details.

Website Maintenance

If you’re not sure what website maintenance is and why it’s necessary, let me get to the point and explain …

  • monitor your website to make sure it’s performing properly (24 x 7)
  • update your website on a regular basis to protect against security vulnerabilities
  • backup your website on a regular basis in the event it crashes or is hacked

you can always choose to “not” think about it and hope that nothing will ever happen to your website.

Or, you can perform regular and ongoing maintenance on your website (every day) in order to implement various protection methods and peace of mind security.  (Kind of like how you might strive to eat healthy and exercise regularly in order to prevent catastrophic health issues from occurring. But the choice is yours.)

Our standard WPBNS maintenance package* takes care of everything .. around the clock, 365 days a year.  Contact us for further details.

* other options are available. Contact us for details.

What Is Included With My Free Website

As part of our We Build Free Websites package, we will design and create your customized website at no cost to you.  (Our Client’s are also free to cancel their comprehensive and secure website hosting and maintenance program at anytime.)

Here’s a list of what is included for FREE (plus what is included as part of the standard WPBNS maintenance package, for $250* per month)

  • The Client will be given the opportunity to select a “theme” or “design style” for their website from more than 1,000 samples
  • WPBNS will customize any selected theme or design style by modifying the …
    • Overall color scheme of the websbite will be selected and implemented.
    • The primary font style will be set.
    • Implement the Client’s logo into the selected website theme or design style (Client will provide the logo to WPBNS.).
    • Formatting of any content provided (for each of the website pages, max. of 5).
    • Content editing is also provided to check for spelling errors, grammatical errors, etc.
    • Add links to the content, photos, images or logos, as needed and appropriate.
    • Create and format the navigation menu for the website.
  • The website will include up to 5 pages, including the home page.  (e.g., Home page, Contact Us and Directions, About Us, etc.)
  • Our own WPBNS Proprietary WordPress Security Implementation, to keep your website safe!
  • Website Marketing and Promotion (is included)
    • WPBNS will submit your website to over 200+ primary search engines and directories (on a monthly basis)
    • Your website will include standard onsite search engine optimization (SEO) implementation
  • Website Backups (monthly) are included and hosted onsite.
  • Monitoring (every 15 minutes) of the Client’s website, to insure proper performance, is performed around the clock.
  • Daily checking and updating of all website files are performed to insure the website is properly patched against any known vulnerabilities.
  • Monthly website hosting is included  (1GB of storage and 5GB of monthly bandwidth).


  • Custom Standard Logo Development.  (Value $597)
  • Copy writing assistance on each page (max. of 5) (Value $1,000)
  • Photos and/or Images – we’ll add an up to 20 photos or images on your site.  (Value $1,000)
  • Add additional menu items and/or categories (up to 10).  (Value $150)

Note: The Client will simply provide all content as well as photos, images or logos for each webpage to WPBNS along with a format of how each page should be displayed.  Then, WPBNS will properly use and format the content, photos and images. (Each page may contain up to 500 words. For content over 500 words, please contact us for details.) If any 3rd party fees, or any WPBNS premium features are requested for implementation into the website, the cost for these items will be billed separately. Ask for complete details and additional options.

* other options are available. A standard website setup fee (including training) is required. Contact us for details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any required contract period?

NO.  We offer various billing and discount options. These can include billing on a per item (support ticket, per quoted project, on a retainer basis, etc.), as well as on a monthly, quarterly or annually basis – to fit your exact and specific needs.

How long has WPBNS been in business?

Since 1998.  WPBNS was the first company of its kind (in the world) to offer and provide a free website development program such as this. Many of our clients have been with us for more than 10 years and we work hard every day to insure the complete satisfaction of our Clients. I guess you could say .. we have to, otherwise, our clients would simply move away and work with someone else.

Can I sell things from my website?

Absolutely!! It’s your website and you can do most anything you can imagine with your website*.

Our only requirements are that your website does not break the law (in any state) and is considered (by WPBNS) as ethically and morally appropriate for anyone and everyone, as well as all ages and genders, that may potentially visit the website.

Will I be able to edit the website on my own and upload pictures myself, etc.?

Yes!  Absolutely!! We use WordPress as the Content Management System, and because of this, it is very easy to use.

If you have any more questions, just contact us.

Once your website is ready .. the next step is to get it noticed!

Let us help you also promote your website on Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more!


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We periodically poll our clients and ask them for feedback and recommendations on how we might be able to service them better. The percentages shown above reflect our recent responses. At WPBNS, the satisfaction of our Clients, is our top priority. And we look for ways to improve our services every day.  If you’d like to share your thoughts, please contact us and let us know what you think.